Hi! My name is Jennifer. I live for design and marketing.

My love for this field started when I was cutting up stock photo books and coloring
with Pantone markers in my aunt’s design studio. No idea what they were at the time
and I still can't believe she let me color with Pantone Markers (nor can I believe I am
old enough to remember Pantone markers) I began the journey as a production
and page layout artist and have designed my way to Creative Director.
While designing for clients large and small I discovered I love marketing. To me it is a chance to research buying habits, learn buying trends and ultimately influence buying decisions with a clear message and a strong design. The two go hand in hand in my option, making me well rounded.
I love every aspect of this industry, but will always be a print geek. Paper, fonts, and ink make me happy. From business cards to billboards, corporate identities to new business branding; no matter the scope of the project, my dedication is unwavering. 
Look around and see what you think. You will find that I have experience in many facets of the both design and marketing as I wear many hats and learn new skills often. 
Feel free to drop me an email so we can talk more about how I can bring your brand to life!
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